Allocution du conseiller fédéral et chef du Département fédéral des affaires étrangères (DFAE), Ignazio Cassis - seule la parole prononcée fait foi

Orateur: Cassis Ignazio; Chef du Département, Ignazio Cassis

Mr. Chair, Dear Minister Borg,
Madam Secretary General,

Tomorrow marks the second commemoration since the beginning of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

  This means:
- Two years of death, destructions and unimaginable suffering for the Ukrainian population;
- Two years of threats to nuclear security in Ukraine and beyond;
- Two years of detrimental effects on global food security and environment.

 This war must stop!
Switzerland once again calls on Russia to withdraw its troops from the sovereign territory of Ukraine.
Ukraine’s territorial integrity must be respected.

Time has come to face up to our shared responsibility; to clearly demonstrate our common political will; and to launch a new dynamic.


We must work together towards a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine.
A just peace is more than merely the cessation -  or the absence - of war:
- It encompasses the recovery of the population;
- It ensures respect for the rule of law and for human rights;
- It promotes accountability;
- It brings justice for the victims;
- And a just peace is in line with international law.

To this end, Switzerland has agreed to host a high-level conference on peace in Ukraine.

Our aim is to promote a common understanding of the way forward for a just and lasting peace in Ukraine, shared by the widest possible representation of countries.

The conference will offer a first step towards peace.
I say a first step - because we all know that a great peace summit will require several steps, several stages.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To prepare for tomorrow, I hope I can count on you today!

In this time of uncertainty, the Helsinki Final Act has lost none of its importance – on the contrary!
Non-use of force, respect for territorial integrity, human rights and fundamental freedoms must remain our core values.

As we move towards Helsinki 2025, we should all refocus on these principles in order to achieve a lasting peace in Ukraine.

Let me therefore assure you of Switzerland’s commitment to contribute to this fundamental objective.

Thank you.


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